For those who would like to make their city smart and earn money while doing it – we have developed Smart City Franchise.

We will provide:
– brand Smart City
– dedicated cloud
– software localization
– proven smart city hardware supply
– dedicated app Win/Ios/Android
– unlimited full support till break even
– consulting
– second level support for your customers
Revenue streams:
– Sales of hardware
– Percentage of sales of hardware in our internet shop to clients in your area
– Sales of advertising space
– Sales of energy(not applicable in all areas)

Financial aspect:
– the opening of dedicated limited liability company in your city (price varies depending on the country of foundation)
– initial stock 3.000.000 EUR (for small towns and villages initial stock might be smaller)
– expected operating profit: 3.000.000 EUR a year
– expected ROI: 50% a year

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