The Smart City Project

Our vision of the Smart City Project is to develop the largest Community of energy-autonomous households and offices. The mission is to expand our existing Community of active house owners and tenants, providing the opportunity to improve the quality of living.


  • Main grid system weakness: Most households, office owners and tenants are paying electricity bills based on the settlement from the past.
  • Wrong focus: Existing systems that are used to establishing per-device consumption control and remote switching are rather costly and rarely pay off because the optimization of consumption is neither guided nor focused on the creation of an energy neutral and self-sustainable unit.
  • High-cost hardware: The general public still perceives the electricity generating devices (e.g. solar panels) to be uneconomical since their advertised initial costs often exceed the cost of energy in a decade.
  • Awareness: The lack of knowledge about energy management represents an additional factor that steers potential buyers away from the decision to become energy efficient.


  • Real-time metering: By joining the Smart City Community members will receive an Installation Set, which enables the control of the overall and device-specific energy usage.
  • Learning your energy behaviour: After the initial period of user analysis is concluded, a user profile is created, with a step-by-step guide to change their habits of energy use through the process of education, adaptation and gamification all leading to the reduction of utility bills.
  • Optimization of energy use pays off: As a reward for Member’s actions and data contribution, SCC Tokens are awarded to their account that can be exchanged by the acquisition of additional devices for monitoring, management and generating electricity. This is the main step towards the transformation of existing facilities into energy neutral facilities.
  • Knowledge-based community: Knowledge raises the awareness. An individual is as strong as the community is. The more we know about our behaviour, the more we can do to raise the life quality.


Hardware: The Basic Smart City Installation Set consists of a Smart Home Central Unit (1x), a Home Metering Unit/Electricity Consumption Sensor (3x), Smart Sockets/Plugs (5x), and Temperature Sensors (2x).

Software: The Server Application collects and analyses data with algorithms and AI to discover patterns in the received consumption data. The Web Application allows Member access and control of Smart Devices in the Installation Set.

Change your feelings about the Future. Apply our Smart City solution and take the control of your energy.

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